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Ken’s Custom Tent & Canvas specializes in rugged outdoor equipment.

Wall tents, cowboy range tepees, tent accessories, horse and mule packing equipment, hunting and camping gear and much more. 

Watch the video to learn about our canvas. 


Ken’s Custom Tent & Canvas has been in business since 1993.

It is owned and operated by Ken Bahem of Homedale, Idaho. Prior to starting this endeavor, Ken worked as a camp tender in the sheep business.

He saw lots of different equipment, most of which could use a little improvement. This kindled his interest in canvas work.

Coming from the livestock industry, hours were long and the pay was poor, and good equipment was expensive.

Ken decided to try making some of the canvas products himself. He purchased a sewing machine for $480. This was significant because he was currently unemployed and had to get a line of credit to get started.

He began making saddle bags and horse packing equipment for himself and friends. It was a year before Ken decided to make a tent. He displayed it at a Lion’s Club activity on the 4th of July and a couple persuaded him to part with his first tent. That started the business.

In the spring they moved into Homedale.

A year and a half later, he purchased 6 1/2 acres south of town at the corner of Highway 95 and West Market. The business has changed dramatically - from the basement in a rented house to a 3,100 square foot shop with two full-time employees.